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URSA Institute
390 4th Street
San Francisco, Ca 94107
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The URSA Institute (UI) is a non-profit, full service, social interest consulting firm engaged in behavioral science research, program design development and evaluation, training and technical assistance, survey and market research, and social marketing and media advocacy to public and private sector policy makers and managers at the local, regional, statewide and national levels.

Founded in 1975, URSA Institute has completed projects in a wide array of fields.  Over the past twenty-eight years our hundreds of projects have involved us in research and support in HIV/AIDS prevention, behavior change and treatment; public health and mental health programming; drug and alcohol abuse prevention and treatment programming; family planning, child abuse and neglect; crime and delinquency programming research and support in the fields of law enforcement, adjudication and corrections.

Located in San Francisco, the agency has worked throughout the country and the State of California providing training and technical assistance, community-based program planning, implementation, and evaluation, and social marketing services.  Our work emphasizes community-level interventions, community driven research and evaluation and culturally competent training and technical assistance.

Throughout our history we have been sensitive to issues of culture and diversity and have established a reputation for excellence in cultural diversity and multi-ethnic and multilingual group of psychologists, health educators, sociologists, attorneys, anthropologists, educators, community development specialists, public administrators, media and public relations specialists, and computer programmers and analysts.  Project teams are supplemented by a cadre of expert consultants who provide specialized services to clients when needed.

The URSA Institute is associated with Polaris Research and Development, Inc., a minority-owed, for-profit corporation with its own long history of service in the fields of multicultural awareness, and community based program design and implementation. UI shares administrative systems and supports with Polaris while remaining operationally independent.

Most notably, the staff currently operating the Multicultural AIDS Resource Center of California (MARCC) have committed to the URSA Institute to continue to expand their efforts in Cultural Diversity and Capacity Building.  For 10 years, MARCC has provided multicultural awareness diversity training for prevention program managers and practitioners, technical assistance in the area of cultural competence to local planning bodies and local planning bodies and local health jurisdictions and teambuilding for a diverse workforce within community based organizations. For additional information regarding MARCC, please visit their website www.marcconline.org .